Quick fire – Zoë Beckley

Before we say goodbye to October, and the wonderful artists that collaborated with us this month, we have one more treat in store.

High-stakes and rapid-fire, these are the only questions you need to know the answers for. Zoë Beckley kindly took on the challenge and stepped up to answer this month’s hottest Q+A – take a peek:

1) Cake or pie?

 Pie for sure, I love anything savoury. Plus you can eat pie anytime – lunch? Dinner? Midnight snack? Sorted.

2) The North or The South? (muahahahha!)

The North!! I loved living in Leeds whilst I was at university and I’m devastated that I wasn’t able to explore more of Yorkshire and the rest of Northern England like I’d originally intended to once uni finished (lockdown sadly put a very quick end to that as I had to move back home). Leeds was great for me because it was big enough to keep finding new places and things to do but small enough to get to know parts of it really well. I grew up in a small town in East Anglia and you just didn’t get the sense of community and familiarity that you do in the North. I hope to move back someday and pick up where I left off!

3) Be too cold? Or be too hot?

Be too cold because I really don’t cope well with hot temperatures; anything above 25 degrees and I’ll be a blob on the floor.

4) Ink or pencil?

Argh! It’ll have to be ink. It’s such a versatile medium so the marks/textures made can be really individual and personal. I started out drawing with ink when I was 14/15 and it’s stuck with me ever since so it’s been intriguing seeing how the way I use it has progressed and developed.

5) The Good Place or Schitt’s Creek?

The Good Place (but only because I haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek yet). The plot twists were genuinely unexpected and each main character’s development was so detailed. It was such a well-written show!

6) Coffee or tea?

Sadly neither as I absolutely hate both of them….

7) Twilight or The Hunger Games?

Definitely the Hunger Games. Although not the best series I’d read when I was 12/13, the story of rebellion impacted me and essentially kick-started a long-standing interest in dystopian fiction.

We want to say a huge thank you again to Zoë for their collaboration with us this month. You can still get your paws on Zoë’s limited edition print here.

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