Quick fire – Mollie Coddled

Before we say goodbye to October, and the wonderful artists that collaborated with us this month, we have one more treat in store.

Ever wanted to know Mollie Coddled’s deepest, darkest secrets? Well, we asked her some super important, serious questions and she answered them just for Bloom Sessions. Have a butchers:

1) Easy Life or Rex Orange County? 

Every single song Easy Life have ever brought out I’ve loved so far so it has to be them!

2) Live gig or live theatre?

Oh DEFINITELY gigs!!! 100%!! I’m getting serious gig withdrawal right now haha! 

3) DIY or outsourcing?

DIY all the way!! This is always how I’ve done it cause I like to be independent and have control (and also because I have a smol student budget haha!)

4) Indian takeaway or Chinese takeaway?

OH GOD! This is so hard! I’m a sucker for a Chinese but I’ve been planning the Indian takeaway I’m having tomorrow for like a week cause I’m THAT excited so I’ll have to say Indian 😀

5) Folk or jazz?

Jazz! Folk really isn’t up my street, I love music that can take a sudden twist and turn which Jazz does well but folk is a bit too boring for me

6) Acoustic guitar or electric?

Electric guitar all the way! The first guitar I every bought and played was an acoustic but electrics are just so buttery to play and they’re so much more versatile

7) Monkeys or whales?

Oh wow I love Monkeys (basically am one haha) but Whales take my heart here ❤

A HUGE thank you again to Mollie for being our first featured musician. You can still check out the live session she recorded for us here or you can even donate here.

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