Fuse – “Elevating the voices & work from creatives of colour”

Throughout Bloom Sessions, the charity we will be donating to is Fuse, an inclusive platform that celebrates creatives of colour from Northern England and beyond.

Founded in 2019 by Jaheed Hussain, Fuse challenged the lack of representation within events, talks and exhibitions – their aim was “to help the creative scene in Greater Manchester become more racially equal”. Since then, they’ve been showcasing creatives of colour in a variety of ways. One of which, is through their fantastic publications: their features, resources and recently their first Magazine issue. Containing 25 contributors across 56 pages, issue one is still available to download for free here. It’ll keep you preoccupied for hours, containing music, poetry, art, culture and stories (to mention but a few!) – a fav of ours is Aneesah Khan’s stunning work on pages 44-45.

(Also fab cover by Wendy Wong!)

Since their humble beginnings, Fuse has expanded exponentially. Now, somewhat closer to home for us, they have created Fuse Leeds hosted by Radhika Mary. Be sure to follow them on Insta to keep up to date with the vibrant creative scene in and around Yorkshire.

Bloom Sessions decided to donate earnings to Fuse Leeds because we want to support such important platforms that champion creatives of colour. So, if you’d like to donate please follow this link – anything you can spare is greatly appreciated.

In the meantime go and check out Fuse Leeds, along with other inclusive platforms such as Assembly House, Say It With Your Chest and Race Zine.

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