November – Molly Bland

These past few weeks, the weather in North Yorkshire has cast a grey, dismal mood upon the folks here at Bloom Sessions. We needed a boost and boy did we get it. Injecting colour, light and creativity back into our lives, let us introduce you to Molly Bland.

Since spending most of her teenage years in Burton-In-Lonsdale, Molly now resides by the sea in Morecambe, Lancashire (we won’t hold this against her!) She studied at home and abroad, even flying over to the L’Accademia Di Brera in Milan. Over the past few years, she’s been involved with projects up and down the country, all of which show signs of her signature playful, bold originality. From murals and posters to menswear and swimwear, Molly Bland is an artist to get familiar with.

LAW Magazine design by Molly Bland

Molly describes her art as: “abstract, bold, eye-catching shapely works though they are usually inspired by something indecipherable from looking at the piece.” Indeed, the first thing you’ll notice about these designs is their vibrancy. They radiate warmth, positivity and joy. This is perhaps why she won a competition earlier in the year with LAW Magazine, ‘to design a poster that spreads a message of positivity and unity throughout the Coronavirus outbreak’. Her winning entry, sporting the phrase “this is not forever” against a utopian backdrop, fulfils this brief entirely. Like most of her work, it promotes hope and the beauty of the outdoors.

Growing up in Burton-on-Lonsdale, and now living by the sea, it’s no wonder that the natural world creeps into Molly’s work. Additionally, another element close to our heart, music is very much evident in her designs as well. Not just in context, for example she’s created festival and DJ posters as well as painted a window display for a music and education charity called More Music, but there is a palatable noise from the visual: the clashing of colours, the mixture of geometric forms and natural curves. It’s not one dimensional, but a riot of tones and timbres.

We were bursting at the seams to announce this month’s collaboration with Molly Bland – and here it is! She will be creating an A4 design just for Bloom Sessions which will be available to purchase from our website soon. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates. November is already looking up!

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