Molly Bland – ‘In Bloom’

I create a lot of my designs by cutting the shapes I want to use out of scrap paper, scanning these in and then editing and arranging them digitally to bring them to life.”

Molly Bland on the process of creating In Bloom

Let’s hear it for Molly!

Kicking off our November collaborations, this is our second commissioned piece. Our thanks go out to Molly for being so helpful and patient as well as creating this wicked design, In Bloom.

Prints are now available to purchase, they are in even more limited supply than last time so we recommend you hop to it!

(Pssst, it could be an excellent festive gift…)

For £10 (inc. p&p), you’ll receive this A4 design, printed on high quality, environmentally friendly paper.

Interested? All you need to do is fill out this form and we will contact you regarding payment:

Any questions?

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