December – Abi Mcmahon

When you find an artist who creates beautiful work, cares for the environment, promotes self-love, is passionate about our stunning landscape and who still remains humble and lovely throughout – you’ve hit the jackpot. Leeds based artist, Abi Mcmahon, is our December bingo full house. Working primarily in lino or woodblock, Abi creates evocative prints inspired by the world around us.

Oftentimes, our childhood experiences influence the art we create and the people we become. The North Yorkshire landscape as well as the flora and fauna around us play a similar role for Abi. Speaking to us she says, “I spent a lot of my childhood at my grandparents’ house around Hovingham and have always found walking on the moors inspiring and great for my mental health.” It’s a recurring sentiment that the great outdoors is a tonic for stress, anxiety and poor mental health, a reminder of how lucky we are to have such a place on our doorstep. This kind of self-care features in some of Abi’s work, on her Instagram you’ll see prints bearing phrases such as “loving yourself isn’t vanity, it’s sanity” – and heck, don’t we agree!

In the spring of 2019, Abi became a founding member of ‘The Up-Cycle of Life’ – “a group of Leeds based artists that are hoping to inspire sustainable lifestyles and personal wellbeing through art!” Providing vital information and tips on how to live greener, healthier, happier lives, the team uplift individuals and organisations in their effort to create a better world. Abi herself has created prints for this cause, for example an extremely poignant statement on plastic pollution. Accompanying the words “85% of juvenile puffins and 63% of adults have had plastic found in their stomach”, is the chilling image of the bird with discernible plastic items inside – a stark reminder of humanity’s destructive habits.

Abi has already teased the team here at Bloom Sessions with some ideas for her December print and so far, so good! From the sounds of it, she’s exploring the theme of walks in North Yorkshire – but that’s all you’re getting. Stay tuned via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – we’ll be posting Abi’s design towards the end of the month when you’ll be able to purchase a limited-edition print from our website. Until then, stay safe and we’ll have more juicy content for you reaaaal soon!

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