December – Shenza

It’s December. It’s cold, it’s wintery, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be frosty for our third month here at Bloom Sessions. Quite the opposite, because the musician we are featuring has warmth, strength and talent by the bucket load. Let us introduce you to Shenza, a 24-year-old independent musician who knows a thing or two about the scene up here in Yorkshire.

Shenza is a Mauritian musician based here in the UK. Having spent her university days up here, she has worked with other artists in and around North Yorkshire for the past few years. She says, “moving here, I found myself surrounded by so many other like-minded creatives. I’ve made many meaningful musical connections here which have inspired and furthered my music.” Not only is she a singer/songwriter, but also a rapper and producer – yet another example of a boss who excels in multiple fields. Her sound is fluid and expressive, the first thing you’ll notice is the power in her voice (I mean, check out this cover of ‘Redbone’ – brave, but she hits those notes!) Finding a neat position within R&B, with a lil bit of soul, trap and grime sprinkled in there as well, Shenza is an artist with which to become familiar.

Shenza from Facebook

At the end of October 2019, Shenza released her debut track ‘I Grow Tired’. Launching herself with this 5-minute long epic, the energy of this track is an amalgam of flavours. Starting with delicate island percussion, it soon transforms into this pulsating rapid trap-esque beat with pounding bass and blazing hi-hats. The combination of Shenza’s soulful vocals alongside her pacey, non-compromising bars create a really interesting experience. Reminiscent of up and coming artists such as Lava La Rue or Ama Lou – Shenza is unafraid to lay her talent upfront. She works both parts perfectly. Moments that see her skilfully rapping in and out of the instrumental, playing with our expectation by switching up the pace or catching a melody (particularly on the second verse), not unlike a grime mc.

Since her debut, Shenza has continued working with other musicians. New music has been teased on social media and hopefully we’ll see more from the UK based Mauritian musician in 2021 (you might even get a sneaky peek during her set…)

However, back in 2020, we are so excited to see Shenza perform for us during her Bloom Session on the last Sunday of the month. Save the date, 27th December, and be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be the first in the know – who says we don’t treat you! In the meantime, our donation page for this month is now OPEN so if you’d like to give a little please follow this link.

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