Abi Mcmahon – ‘Joyful Moments’

“My idea would be to create a print based around jumping in puddles, to represent the moments of joy of being in the outdoors and the childlike playfulness I remember from my own childhood experiences. I have spent a lot of quality family time walking in the North York Moors, many of the walks have been damp and raining but it never seems to ruin the spirt of the walk.”

Abi Mcmahon on the origins of Joyful Moments

She’s here and she’s beautiful!

Take a look at this AMAZING design created in lino by Abi Mcmahon, and it’s all for us! We are so thankful to Abi for giving us her time and putting so much work into Joyful Moments.

For £10 (inc. p&p), you’ll receive this A4 design, printed on high quality, environmentally friendly paper.*

Interested? All you need to do is fill out this form and we will contact you regarding payment:

*We are doing these prints to order, which may mean it’ll take longer than previous months so please be patient with us!

Want to know more about Abi?

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