January – Ellie Robinson

Picture this: it’s December 3rd and the Bloom Sessions Scarborough Open Call has just gone live. Tensions are high, with the team anxiously waiting for a bite… and yet we needn’t have worried. One of the first artists to respond to our open call, Ellie Robinson breezed into our lives and what a delight it was. 17 years old and showing promise way beyond her age, we’re delighted to share this East Coast gem with you.

Currently studying music and graphics at a sixth form in Scarborough, it’s clear Ellie’s passion for creativity runs deep. Offering us both her skills as a musician and an artist, it soon became apparent that we were dealing with an artist who is comfortable across the mediums. However, after hearing some covers uploaded to her YouTube channel, we thought it’d be great to hear what Ellie could produce for a Bloom Session (At Home). Spoiler alert, you won’t be disappointed.

And I mean that! Putting it simply, her musical catalogue is so diverse which results in there being something for everyone. Speaking to Ellie she says, “For as long as I can remember I have loved music, and coming from quite a musical family I picked it up quite easily.” Environments like this produce intergenerational exchange and therefore it comes as no surprise that Ellie is as inspired by artists such as Elton John or John Mayer as she is by newer, more modern artists, such as Sam Fender.

Ellie performing at Mojos in December 2020

2020 was a year in which artists, young and old, struggled to retain a footing. It seems like a year of mixed emotions for Ellie, who on one hand started feeling more confident with performing but on the other was gaining exposure in the middle of a global pandemic, shaking the industry to its very core. Luckily for the musician, she still managed to busk a little throughout the town and also perform an acoustic session at Mojos towards the end of the year. Looking forward, she exudes positivity on the topic of 2021 with plans to release her debut album as well as play more gigs.

Ellie’s charm is infectious and we really wish her all the best in 2021. We hope you’re excited to see her session, which will go live at 3pm on Sunday 31st January. Her performance includes some absolute classics as well as some of her own tracks, you could say it’s a taster for her debut! In the meantime, as always, we have opened a donation page so as that you can donate towards Ellie as well as a great cause. Oh, and happy New Year!!

Curious about donations?

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