January – Savannah Storm

There are tried and tested ways to defeat the January blues. For example, you can take a walk in nature, drink numerous cups of hot chocolate or even watch the entirety of Parks and Rec from start to finish… but, understandably, you might not have 63 hours on your hands. So, there’s another method and this is spending some time experiencing the works of Savannah Storm, an illustrator and designer from Scarborough.

Savannah’s art is by no means two-dimensional, in any sense. She works in a range of media from traditional watercolours to gouache paints to digital creations, on a wide variety of subjects. Her delightful musings conjure up coffee house scenes, items lurking in your fridge, beautiful Yorkshire scenery, pet portraits and even your favourite tea accompaniment (bourbon biccy for the win). Her style is accessible, soft and full of fun.

On her website, Savannah acknowledges this in saying, “I believe that illustration is a powerful tool for learning and accessibility, and I hope to bring positivity as well as clarity to any project.” Nowhere can this ethos be seen more than in her ‘Mini Scavenger Hunt’ series for which she created mini booklets to encourage children to enjoy going for walks and exploring. Detailed illustrations of the flora and fauna seen around the East Coast are combined with phrases, common names and tasks in an effort to educate and inspire the future generation of Chris Packhams. But hey, it’s just as enjoyable for older eyes as well!

Savannah’s work expertly balances between cartoon and real life, neither dipping too far into one but remaining fascinating and grounded all at once. One of our personal faves is a sketch she did for Yay Coffee!, capturing the still tranquillity of your morning coffee run. The bright blue van, contrasting with the grey curb and pavement, is just something you want to step into. She even created a reel on her Instagram where you can see the magic unfolding in front of you.

It’s artists like Savannah who we were hoping to collaborate with so we are chuffed to bits that she answered our open call. Having already created designs for cards, stickers and even wrapping paper(!) we are really looking forward to seeing what she can whip up for Bloom Sessions. So watch this space! As always, we will be selling Savannah’s limited edition A4 design right here on the website, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to be the first in line.

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