February – Alice Mortimer

Okay, so we might have cheated a little. The response we got to the Scarborough focus was so phenomenal that we’ve decided to extend it… slightly. For February, we’re revisiting the East Coast – this time to meet Alice Mortimer and her enchanting illustrations inspired by magic, nature and historical design.

Otherwise known on Instagram as @inkwellspells, the name is entirely apt. Alice’s creations are spellbinding, intricately detailed whilst also rich in colour and texture. They convey a real sense of space and time, unlike anything we’ve seen so far at Bloom Sessions. Perhaps this stems from the historical aspect to her work, the inspiration she finds in old photographs from the 1800s for example, or the life of the Romantics.

Indeed, Alice’s work doesn’t look too far removed from the illustrations that adorn Blake’s poetry, or the magic evoked by Rossetti’s ‘Goblin Market’. She captures a real folk sensibility, dealing with culture, storytelling and myth.

Speaking on her inspiration, the artist says: “I love to visit museums, historic houses and beautiful natural places.” Alice’s illustration exists in this really interesting space between classic and contemporary. The themes, or subject matter, are undeniable ancient. For example, you can identify archangels or antiques that wouldn’t be out of place in a stately home, and yet the style is modern and refreshing. They’re almost like stained glass come to life.

Some of the work which really jumped out to us were ones using a dazzling cobalt blue. Alice has a real eye for colours, not only those that work together, but also combinations that clash delightfully. On this subject that artist notes, “this year I’ve been trying to use more colour in my work as I’ve realised how much having colourful pictures and objects around me cheers me up!” For sure, Alice’s illustrations will certainly add a bit more charm into your life.

So now that you’ve become acquainted, let us tell you that Alice’s limited edition A4 print will be going live very soon. We want to give a BIG thanks for all the work she’s put in to create this design just for Bloom Sessions. And finally, looking into our crystal ball, Friday the 5th of Feb is speaking to us… hmm we wonder why?

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