Alice Mortimer – ‘Looking Forward’

“With my design I was inspired by antique masonic banners which often feature interesting symbols such as doves and eyes, and wanted to design my own with other symbols of good luck and optimism (the arrow, clover, etc.) Maybe one day I’ll make this into a textile piece!”

Alice Mortimer on the inspiration behind Looking Forward

Just like that! Our February print appears before your eyes… (✿ ͡• ᴥ ͡•)

A round of applause for Alice please! She has very kindly designed this amaaazing print for us, turning it around so we could show it to you this week.

And, as always… it can all be yours!

For £10 (inc. p&p), you’ll receive this A4 design, printed on high quality, environmentally friendly paper.*

Interested? All you need to do is fill out this form and we will contact you regarding payment:

*We are doing these prints to order, which may mean it’ll take longer than previous months so please be patient with us!

Keen to know more about the artist?

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