Bloom Sessions Vol.1 – Thank You!

Well… it’s been a joy!

Six months ago we started pushing Bloom Sessions out to the wide world, bringing it into a strange and uncertain landscape. But how far we’ve come! Since October we’ve been sharing and promoting North Yorkshire’s creatives, but, come April, we turn the final page… for now.

Before we sign off, we’ve got a lot of people to thank. First and foremost, a ginormous thank you to our funders NYMAZ, without them this would not have been possible. If you’re unfamiliar with their work, we implore you to check them out. Secondly, to Mollie Coddled, Zoë Beckley, Talk More, Molly Bland, Shenza, Abi Mcmahon, Ellie Robinson, Savannah Storm, Phoebe Marshall, Alice Mortimer, ZAY, Laura Kindelan and Olivia Brearley – YOU’RE A BUNCH OF LEGENDS! The reach and impact we achieved throughout project is testimony to the talent, creativity and vigour you all brought to Bloom Sessions. We loved working with each and every one of you, so thank you – it means the world that you gave us a chance.

Also, big ups to Oporto and Izzy (Girls Can Play Guitar and Groovy Shoes) for the collaboration on International Women’s Day. It was an incredible experience and the outcome was *chefs kiss* – if you missed it, firstly… where have you been?! But, don’t panic, you can catch up here!

Last, but by no means least, we want to give some appreciation for all of you out there that engaged with us on any level. Our main aim throughout this project was to increase the visibility and appreciation for women and people of marginalised genders in North Yorkshire. So, if you gave us a follow, donated, read one of our features, like an Insta post, watched a Bloom Sesh video, bought a poster, or all of the above – we cannot thank you enough! Let’s keep this momentum going, we vow to continue with our goals and we hope you will to. 

Our initial pot of funding may have (proverbially) run dry, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and tap into another source. Here, at Bloom Sesh HQ, we’ve been furiously working away, preparing new bids to bring you Bloom Sessions 2.0 – watch this space!

Even though you might experience a Bloom sized hole in your life for a little while, there are still other fantastic organisations, groups and people to get familiar with. Why not check out the likes of FUSE Leeds, Girls Can Play Guitar, Grrls Do That Too, Girl Gang Leeds, Sisters Uncut Leeds, NRTH LASS, Women in CTRL, Yorkshire Sound Women Network or 2% RISING (to name but a few!)

We hope to speak again very soon, but until then – take care of yourselves and each other!

Big love, Bloom Sesh team x

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