Live Review: September // Summer ’21 ft. The Sound of Modesty, Marnie Glum and Sam Brown

Although September often brings with it the chill of autumn and the, sadly inevitable, freshers’ flu, Wharf Chambers was buzzing with warmth on Wednesday night, as the second instalment of Bloom Sessions ~ Summer ‘21 filled the air with its gorgeous line-up of groovy tunes and good vibes, helping us cling on to summer’s sweet scent for a little longer.

The evening began with violinist Sam Brown, currently studying Jazz at Leeds Conservatoire, who graced the audience with their sweet, sharp melodies, piercing through an elegantly layered loop rhythm. Her toe-tapping beats had the audience entranced; waiting for each layer of sound, with listeners erupting in applause as her crescendo came to its climax, and we were greeted once more with Sam’s endearing and contagious smile.

After a short break to refill on Wharf Chambers Pale Ale, we met Marnie Glum, who took to the stage with her acoustic guitar and haunting vocals. She engaged with the audience as if she was an old friend, her colloquial style adding a feeling of knowing and understanding to her already ethereal acoustic set. Marnie Glum’s set could be compared to the catharsis of a cup of tea and a warm blanket on a rainy day, her heartfelt lyrics transported the audience back through time with their longing twinge of nostalgia.

Following this, The Sound of Modesty took to the stage, turning the volume up to 100 in their energetic signature style, “SCREAM OR NO SCREAM?” –  it’s always scream with The Sound of Modesty! However, despite their signature style being one to incorporate tumbling, rumbling, powerful storms of guitar, drums and fierce vocals, we were also treated to an acoustic number, showing the versatility of Yvonne’s performance. Even whilst battling freshers’ flu, the band closed the show with gusto, and with the ring of the return of live music firmly reverberating in our skulls – what a feeling to finally have back!

The Sound of Modesty by @hf.pphoto

Bloom Sessions provide a platform for women and those of marginalised genders to perform in an environment in which they feel safe and welcome. September’s session provided exactly that, with the glimmer of the disco ball catching the glint in both the eyes of the audience and performers; shoulders shuffled, hips swayed, and Wharf Chambers filled with applause and cheers – the people of Leeds are more ready than ever to unite over incredible music and incredible people.

Words by Sumandeep Kailey / @vomcano
Photos by @hf.pphoto

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