December – Rumbi Tauro

Well, it’s time for our final artist feature of the year, and to close this all off we have our Headrow headliner – Rumbi Tauro. Powerful, all-encapsulating, creative and fearless, what a way to finish. If you’ve yet to come across Rumbi, prepare to be inspired and, forget your well wishes, we’ll take our thanks by you getting your tickets for Sunday… immediately.

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Doncaster, Rumbi is currently based in Manchester. She’s becoming a solid name across the Northern soul and R&B scene, making tracks through performing at festivals such as Tramlines and Long Division as well as building connections across Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds. Since she started releasing music in Summer 2020, she’s gone from strength to strength, and shows no sign of slowing down!

But let’s bring it back to the music, because that’s what we’re here for right?! Rumbi wraps her velveteen voice around stunning lyricism, coupled with smooth melodies and charging rhythms. Since her debut EP, The Process, she’s gone on to release two singles ‘Bloodline’ and ‘Run Run’ in 2021. Both of these pull the curtain back on some really deep, intimate subjects. The first explores challenges and how we can deal with them in strength, and the latter celebrates growth and the importance of self-worth. There’s a real maturity to Rumbi’s music, something tangible that we can all identify with and channel our emotions through.

‘Run Run’ is one of our favs from her discography, it’s an anthem of hope and the video she directed for it alongside Blue Boredom, in collaboration with Pattern and Push, is a real journey. The track has a semi-gospel texture to it at the beginning, before breaking into a classic R&B feel with strong, sluggish backbeats, glimmering keys and, of course, Rumbi’s soulful voice. With lyrics chanting such phrases as ‘we can’t afford to lose you’, a song like this is needed more than ever in our current landscape. Standing at 3 minutes, 30 seconds, it’s succinctly brilliant, and encapsulates everything we love about Rumbi’s music.   

Rumbi Tauro, ‘Run Run’ – Directed by Blue Boredom & Rumbi Tauro

Rumbi Tauro has been heavily tipped as a Northern artist to get familiar with. She’s racked up radio plays, festival performances and was recently chosen for the Studio Orchestra Project in partnership with The Leadmill in Sheffield, allowing her to create orchestral versions of her music. So, really… you should take your chance to see her whilst you can!

Tickets are only a fiver and you can purchase yours here. However, if you find yourself in a position where you can’t pay that, send us a DM or email, and we can work something out. This is Rumbi’s first headline show in Leeds, so let’s get her a warm welcome!

Take a listen:

Ummm, this is the 3rd time we’ve mentioned it…

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