Fuse – “Elevating the voices & work from creatives of colour” Throughout Bloom Sessions, the charity we will be donating to is Fuse, an inclusive platform that celebrates creatives of colour from Northern England and beyond. Founded in 2019 by Jaheed Hussain, Fuse challenged the lack of representation within events, talks and exhibitions – theirContinue reading “Fuse”

Mollie Coddled – Bloom Session (At Home)

Here she is! Please give a warm welcome to our very first Bloom Sessions artist – Mollie Coddled. We’re delighted to bring you this <20min live session that Mollie recorded for us earlier in the month. It features classics such as ‘Honey’ and ‘Rotten Teeth’, as well as newer releases such as ‘One More Day’Continue reading “Mollie Coddled – Bloom Session (At Home)”

Zoë Beckley – o’er dale and valley

“Based on previous walks over Ilkley Moor, this illustration is a frantic remnant of the juxtaposition between a harsh and somewhat lonely landscape embracing  the solitude of standing atop the hillsides.”  — Zoë Beckley on o’er dale and valley Tada! Here it is, our first commissioned piece by our very first Bloom Sessions illustrator. AContinue reading “Zoë Beckley – o’er dale and valley”

Open Call for Creatives

What are Bloom Sessions? Bloom Sessions is a creative project dedicated to young women and those of marginalised genders in North Yorkshire. By spotlighting one musician/band and one visual artist/illustrator per month, we want to showcase the spectacular talent that thrives up here – that which battles against the odds of gender disparity and ruralContinue reading “Open Call for Creatives”