Bloom Sesh #1

Bloom Sessions is a creative project dedicated to young women and those of marginalised genders in North Yorkshire.

Even in today’s climate, there remains a gender imbalance in the music industry. In a recent report, compiled by Linda Coogan Byrne and Áine Tyrrell, it was found that the percentage of women across three creative roles in the top 100 radio airplay chart in 2020 was significantly lower than male representation. Women made up these roles as follows: “solo artists 19%, songwriters 18% and producers 3%”.  Despite efforts from wonderful initiatives such as Saffron Music, Brighter Sound or Yorkshire Sound Women Network, it’s clear that more needs to be done.

Enter Bloom Sessions. Focusing on England’s largest administrative county by area, with a population of 25.8% under the age of 25. North Yorkshire is predominantly rural. According to the Local Authority Rural-Urban Classification, out of the county’s seven Districts, five of these are designated as the most sparsely populated classification of Rural-80.

We aim to encourage women and those of marginalised genders to engage with music and art in North Yorkshire, regardless of their background.

By spotlighting one musician/band and one visual artist/illustrator per month, we want to showcase the spectacular talent that thrives up here – that which battles against the odds of gender disparity and rural isolation.

Every month, we will set up a one live recording with our musician(s) in a beautiful North Yorkshire space as well as commission one limited edition print with our artist(s). Alongside this, we will create coverage on our website with features and interviews to further bolster their platform.

There is talent in North Yorkshire and we want to provide a safe, inclusive, influential platform to encourage women and people of marginalised genders to bloom.  

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