Our Team

We are a small team dedicated to the diverse creativity in and around Yorkshire. With a wide range of skills and experience, Bloom Sessions are fully equipped to promote the fantastic talent ‘up North’.

Come and meet us!

Cheïma Tuysuzian

Project co-founder, marketing. Being French and a cat-lover are my only two personality traits. On top of that, I also love cheese. And music.

Email me: cheima@bloomsessions.com (she/her)

Claire Hamilton

Project co-founder, communications when not napping, wannabe music journalist, hip hop enthusiast, ‘I-like-all-music’ pacifist, animal lover, unofficial shark expert and doodle collector.

Email me: claire@bloomsessions.com (she/her)

Izzy Hobbs

Wizard of light bulb moments, events guru, guitarist, collector of ugly shirts, roast dinner enthusiast, and highly skilled in losing at chess

Email me: izzy@bloomsessions.com (she/her)

Want to speak to us?

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