Live Review: September // Summer ’21 ft. The Sound of Modesty, Marnie Glum and Sam Brown

Although September often brings with it the chill of autumn and the, sadly inevitable, freshers’ flu, Wharf Chambers was buzzing with warmth on Wednesday night, as the second instalment of Bloom Sessions ~ Summer ‘21 filled the air with its gorgeous line-up of groovy tunes and good vibes, helping us cling on to summer’s sweetContinue reading “Live Review: September // Summer ’21 ft. The Sound of Modesty, Marnie Glum and Sam Brown”

September – Marnie Glum

We may be a little biased, but Leeds has an incredibly supportive network of musicians. You’ll often see people in various different bands, or you might stumble across photos of several top-class songwriters collaborating; basically, you’ll see line ups containing friends, colleagues and collaborators (*cough cough* like ours). Charlotte Lynch is a Leeds-based musician whoContinue reading “September – Marnie Glum”

September – Sam Brown

You may well recognise our first artist playing for Bloom Sessions at Wharf Chambers in September! She’s been a regular at Sela Bar, as well as busking on the streets across Leeds and recently played NYMAZ’s Rural Fest 2021. However, if you’ve been unlucky enough to miss out, don’t worry… we’ve got you – SamContinue reading “September – Sam Brown”

August – FIKA

The time has come to introduce you to the final artists for our first gig of Summer ’21… fasten your seatbelts, we’re going punk. The Swedish translation of ‘fika’ is ‘to enjoy coffee with friends, taking time to savour the moment’. Being present in the moment and having fun with friends is taken literally byContinue reading “August – FIKA”

Bloom Sessions ~ Summer ’21 // August ft. FIKA, Sofa King and Gordian Stimm

! Tada ! It’s finally here… our line up for the first of two gigs we’re hosting this summer at Wharf Chambers. Bloom Sessions is delighted to announce that, on the last Wednesday in August (25th), we’ll be hosting FIKA, Sofa King and Gordian Stimm! Psssst, also, take a look at that fab design byContinue reading “Bloom Sessions ~ Summer ’21 // August ft. FIKA, Sofa King and Gordian Stimm”

Sunday Harvest: Jenny’s Opinion on ‘Taylor’s Version’

We have a very special Sunday Harvest to share with you this week! Following Taylor Swift’s release of ‘Love Story (Taylor’s Version)’, as well as the momentum surrounding Framing Britney Spears, we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the all-too-familiar tale of an industry with a history of trying to disempower some of itsContinue reading “Sunday Harvest: Jenny’s Opinion on ‘Taylor’s Version’”